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Telefónica R+D and RocaSalvatella have produced a study called Big Data and Toursim: New Indicators for Tourism Management which provides a new methodology for improved analysis and knowledge of the Spanish tourism industry.

The purpose of the study is to make use of the opportunities for the sector, in particular the hotel industry, of incorporating macrodata collected from the electronic activity of anonymous foreign tourists into their market research.

Analysis of the vast amount of data produced by digital activity opens up a wide range of opportunities for companies to enhance the services they offer and the management of their business. This study is a first step in understanding the possibilities of Big Data. In this specific case, we are looking to contribute and add value to what is a key sector for the Spanish economy.

However, it can be replicated in another economic and social sectors.

One of the document’s main strengths lies in having been able to gather together and cross-reference data from two different companies: Telefónica Móviles España and BBVA.

The former provided data about the activities of foreign handsets that used Telefónica’s infrastructure in Madrid and Barcelona; while BBVA provided data on electronic payments by foreign cards sent through the bank’s terminal network in those cities.

Telefónica R+D and RocaSalvatella have worked on analysing the data and producing the report’s conclusions and recommendations.


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